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Hookup Stories: Josh and Elliot


Cute, new twink on the block, Elliot Turner opens this edition of, “Hookup Stories,” with a story about a recent hookup he had with a guy he met on an app. The too adorable, young dude classifies the tryst as a, “learning experience;” so, you KNOW we had to up the ante, and throw him in the deep end with superstar, Josh Brady! Locked in a sultry embrace, the porntastic pairing kiss, and caress, as Brady removes the boy’s shirt, and backs them both up onto the bed. Newbie twink Turner can’t resist hot jock, Josh’s giant, thick, throbbing dick beneath his jeans. With eyes glued to that big bulge, Elliot kisses his way to cock heaven, pantsing the perfect specimen, then throwing that D down to the back of his throat! The young dude has some skill too! He swallows that superstar shaft nearly to the base, as he works Brady’s heavy, seed filled sack. Thankful for Turner’s slobbery service, Josh goes ham on the hottie’s ginormous junk. This boy is PACKIN’! But, Bradsy isn’t through with the dude yet. He orders the boy onto his knees, then buries his face in that beautifully smooth butt. After the perfect priming, Josh asks the young fella if he’d like a fucking. Elliot begs, “please.” That’s all our top titan needed to hear; and, he opens up the power fuck floodgates! Brady beats that bussy up, serving the boy bone, balls deep all over that bed! Josh’s big beast brings ALL Elliots creamy pleasure to the surface. And, our boy lets the hot funk fly. He shoots like a geyser, gooing up his tight, shredded, incredibly fuckable frame. Josh keeps pumping the dude with dick, until he’s ready to rip. He pulls out, and launches his pornstar seed onto his cock content conquest, before settling in, and smothering Elliot’s small stature, with all that beautifully bronze, brawny body. Perfection.

Date: October 21, 2021

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